Dr Evangelos KatsioulisSenior Advisor

Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis is a distinguished Greek psychiatrist renowned for his expertise in mental health and high intelligence research. Born in Ioannina, Greece, Dr. Katsioulis has pursued an illustrious academic and professional career. He earned his medical degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and subsequently specialized in psychiatry, with further studies in philosophy and medical research technology.

Dr. Katsioulis is best known for his work on intelligence and creativity. He is the founder of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), an organization that connects high-IQ societies globally. His contributions to understanding the complexities of human intelligence have garnered international acclaim, including numerous publications in esteemed journals.

In addition to his psychiatric practice, Dr. Katsioulis is an active researcher and educator. He has taught at various institutions and frequently presents at international conferences.

Dr. Katsioulis has also been recognized for his exceptional intelligence, consistently ranking among the highest scorers in various IQ tests worldwide. His efforts extend beyond academia; he is committed to humanitarian work, providing psychiatric services to underserved populations and participating in global mental health initiatives.