Talent Management

Talent Identification

Effective talent identification is crucial for organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Nurturing talent promotes employee retention, reducing recruitment costs and contributing to strategic Human Resource Management. By mapping talented individuals, organizations facilitate their further development, fostering self-motivation, workforce diversity, and cultivating future leaders. In the face of rapid technological advancements and evolving markets, staying updated on workforce talent is vital for successful adaptation. Consortium Consultancy, with its internationally recognized assessment professionals, offers the assessment tools, expertise, and foresight needed to develop and optimize talent pools within organizations.

Talent Mapping with Quantifiable Data

Consortium Consultancy boasts the largest regional database, known as Smart Assess ®.
This benchmarked assessment data provides companies with invaluable insights into their talent pool, enabling a comprehensive understanding of how it compares to other talent pools within the country, across the region, and even on a global scale.

Talent Strategy

Efficiently identifying and nurturing talent enables organizations to align their strategies and address any gaps in the talent pool. This enhances the organization’s agility and ability to capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic business environment, leveraging the insights provided by Smart Assess ® data. By continuously evaluating the effectiveness of talent strategies, organizations can ensure ongoing progress and adaptation. Given that the workforce represents a valuable, albeit costly, resource, optimal management of human capital is of paramount importance in maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Talented Team Development

Talent identification is intricately linked to effective team development, where the combination of optimal talents produces synergistic outcomes that surpass individual contributions. At Consortium, our assessments encompass team formulation aspects, allowing our qualified experts to provide guidance on maximizing results aligned with your organization’s critical objectives.

To map talented teams, individual assessments are utilized, as previously mentioned. Furthermore, 360-degree assessments provide a comprehensive perspective from various colleagues who possess in-depth knowledge of talented individuals. These insightful assessment results aid in forming well-balanced teams, supported by verifiable data. This facilitates strategic planning and enables ongoing evaluation of team progress as organizational goals evolve and adapt.

Corporate Culture and Fit

The identification and development of talents within an organization significantly contribute to shaping and enriching its corporate culture. Consortium offers an extensive array of assessments to evaluate the alignment between individuals and the desired corporate culture. This aspect plays a crucial role in fostering organizational growth and success.

Organizational Strategy

The process of talent identification is closely linked to team development, as assembling teams with optimal talents is essential for generating synergistic outcomes. At Consortium, our assessments specifically address various aspects of team formulation and our qualified experts are equipped to provide guidance on achieving exceptional results aligned with your organization’s critical goals.

Mapping talented teams involves utilizing individual assessments, as previously mentioned. Additionally, 360-degree assessments offer a comprehensive perspective by incorporating feedback from diverse colleagues within the organization. These assessments provide valuable insights into each team member, leveraging the deep understanding that colleagues have of their talented counterparts. The resulting assessment data supports the formulation of highly effective teams and enables strategic planning. Importantly, it also facilitates periodic re-evaluation of team progress as organizational goals evolve and adapts over time.