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Do you have an ambitious project – or even a portfolio of projects – you have to successfully bring in on time and on budget?

Our project management consultants can help you get things done in a timely and targeted fashion, by ensuring strong leadership, organization and planning. We help you deliver your vision, while reducing risk, cutting costs and improving success rates.

The way we work is underpinned by Agile principles, incorporating best practice in planning and governance. This ensures that benefits are realized early on, so that teams can measure the project’s success and that together we can produce a product that is fit for purpose.

Project Management Services

Programme Management

Managing a portfolio of projects is an important and challenging role which enables your organisation to make sensible decisions about the activities you need to undertake – and the investments you need to make – to effect change in your business.

We’ll help you build an effective programme management strategy, selecting the best ideas for the advancement of your business – in line with your strategic goals – and laying the foundations for those ideas to be brought to life.

Our independent experts can help you achieve quality results, evaluating the suitability of projects, making sure that deliverables are understood and agreed at the top, and maximizing the returns on your investment.

Project Management

Smart Tips Consultants helps clients meet their business goals by developing, implementing and managing plans that deliver. Our consultants aim to understand exactly how your business works, and then add value by setting your priorities, based upon current needs and information.

We work closely with stakeholders to ensure that we understand the most significant risks, priorities and benefits of your project. This understanding allows us to build a plan that maximizes your return on investment while minimizing risk – and leaving you in control over the key decisions that will make your project a success.

We manage projects and programmes of all sizes, from discrete changes and individual functional areas, to complex organization-wide transformations.

Agile Transformation

In its the most simple terms – the Agile methodology is a way of breaking up workloads into smaller more manageable tasks, to be performed by small self-organized teams, holding regular meetings to plan, reflect, and reposition where necessary.

Agile is everywhere these days, having emerged as a radical alternative to traditional sequential ways of working – and Scrum is perhaps its most popular incarnation. It gives businesses a flexible, easy to measure, highly responsive approach to even the most complex projects.

At Smart Tips Consultants, we live and breathe Agile working – and we’re always looking for new businesses to try and convert. If you like the sound of speedier, more collaborative, more cost-effective project delivery, then it’s a change you ought to seriously consider.

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