Process Improvement

Broken Processes?

Consortium Consultants can fix your processes and transform your businesses.

Are your inefficient business processes robbing you of time and money on a daily basis?

Our process improvement consultants can help set your business straight, by exploring each process in detail, identifying the flaws, and designing solutions.

So if you’re missing deadlines and targets, morale among your staff is slipping, and the loyalty of your customers is on the line – Consortium Consultants can improve your business processes, whatever form they take.

Process improvement services

Is your business failing to meet its revenue targets? Are your profits in free-fall?

As your business transformation partner, Consortium Consultancy can revitalize your company, grow your sales numbers, rebuild customer relations and restore the faith of your shareholders and your board.

We’ll partner up with your leadership team to identify weaknesses and wastefulness, as well as obstacles and opportunities. We’ll establish what your current situation is and where you want your organisation to go. This gives us a point of reference from which to launch your transformation strategy, with changes extended across your management structure, processes and technology.

The author and satirist Jonathan Swift wrote that: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.”

At Consortium Consultancy, we’ll help to define your business vision clearly and transform your purpose into action.

Your vision is your guiding light; a way of visualizing what you want your business to achieve. But all too often, a business vision is allowed to develop on its own, without being formally planned or written down.

Our specialists will help you to:

  • Formalize your vision
  • Document your existing business processes
  • Identify your pain points
  • Develop projects and programs that move you towards your new business model
  • Establish the support framework and context for delivery

We’ll then turn our attentions to your transformation road-map, which sets the direction you need to complete your change journey – and we’ll help to navigate throughout.

Target Operating Model

Your target operating model is what defines the future – or desired – state of your business. It’s your new strategic direction, providing a focal point for all your efforts towards change.

Our consultants will help with the meticulous planning and execution that goes into establishing your ‘TOM’. And, as with any significant change, this model will need the full consensus of your senior managers and stakeholders.

We’ll work with your team to define detailed processes that build upon best practice and support your new objectives. Clearly determining the process ensures we can select a scaleable solution that supports the delivery of change.

It is essential to the success of your change strategy that the transition to your target operating model is a clean one.

Business and Technology Architecture

The successful alignment of business and technology solutions is fundamental to achieving your objectives.

We’ll help you to prepare the ground for change in your business, by meticulous defining and planning both your ‘business operating model’ (current state) and your ‘target operating model’ (desired state).

This will set the scene for your transformation plan, which is your blueprint for change across every area of your business. We’ll help you make a smooth transition from one business model to the other, while advising on the alignment of critical processes and technology.

Business Case Development

Business transformation, and the change required to achieve it, should always be supported by a robust business case.

We’ll work with your leadership team to define the vision for the future of the business, to identify benefits and measurements early on, and to develop the business case for change. Our own Consortium Consultants Agile Methodology (CAM) helps us to achieve this, by concentrating on your most important processes first, without getting sidetracked by exceptions.

Then we work on detailing the practical aspects of how the business will work in the future, building a target operating model that clearly explains the new functions or practices that will enable change.

Continuous Process Improvement

Behind every successful organization is a desire for continuous process improvement. If your business is serious about maintaining high standards and pushing the boundaries of success, it is essential to constantly revisit, re-evaluate, and refine your business processes to achieve your goals.

At Consortium Consultancy, our consultants can support your team in every aspect of continuous process improvement; from a full investigation of inefficiencies, to process optimization and redesign where required.

We’ll help to design processes that best meet your organization’s needs, taking account of your best-in-class processes in doing so.

Our metrics-driven approach gives you a clear and transparent view of our work, as we strive for greater efficiency and effectiveness in your business.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Consortium Consultancy office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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