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Funding is the key to keeping your startup in the fight. Whether your Series A is floundering or your Series D is flourishing, a little bit of capital can go a long way in making your startup dreams a reality. But with the shifting landscape of funding in the startup world, companies are having to look at alternative means of acquiring capital to stay afloat.

A study from the World Economic Forum found that there are three main factors contributing to the altered funding means for startups today. As the study states, it has been reshaped over recent years by new innovations and confident investors that don’t see the status quo as a necessary means of providing capital to startups.

The three factors are not only relevant to your startups goals, but also tell a story about the direction funding may be going in the future. And the last thing you want to do is miss out on the newest trends.

Changes in Traditional Funding

While many startups used to rely exclusively on venture capital firms to providing funding, the amount of VC firms in existence today has dropped substantially in recent years. In fact, according to the study, private venture capital firms have fallen over the last decade, representing the only type of investor that has seen a decrease in that time.

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